Airport officials keep working to clear runways from snow

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany International Airport officials have been making sure to clear off as much of the runway as possible during the winter storm. Steven Smith, Director of Communications for the airport, said. Crews have been working to clear the runways for departures and arrivals since Saturday afternoon.

“The point to make is that they are here. This was their final destination. They did not get diverted to another airport, and that’s a testament to the hard-working crews here at Albany Airport,” he said.

Smith also said it’s essential to plan ahead and not just look at local conditions but also to remember to check out conditions around your destination.

“Just because things may look good here in Albany, your flight from another airport could be delayed and impact your travel.”

For now, airport officials want to remind travelers to be careful while traveling to the airport and also to pay close attention to flight information. He also recommends apps like FlightRadar24 to stay informed.

“We are encouraging people to continue to check with their airline throughout the day,” Smith said. “This is a large system for air travel… And this storm is all throughout the northeast.”

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