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The legendary captain of the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter, and the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, had an afternoon to remember in which they discussed different topics of the sports they represent, remembered when they met years ago and debated which sport in more difficult.

Jeter and Mahomes met on the lawn at Arrowhead in Kansas City for a special interview on the pre-game show on Sunday’s NFL game on FOX. There they saw one of the first photos they took together, in which they saw Patrick was 5 or six years old wearing a baseball uniform and next to him was the uniformed Yankee shortstop, then in his seventh season in the Major Leagues.

That photo was autographed by the player with a personalized message. “For Patrick. “My best wishes,” wrote the winner of five Golden Gloves.

Of course, this interview had all the possible elements, from nostalgia, surprise at some revelations and the expected debate about which sport is more difficult, which was resolved, according to the responses of both.

“Hitting a baseball has to be one of the hardest things to do in the world,” Mahomes said.

To which Jeter pointed out: “There you have it… Baseball is the most difficult sport to play. Did everyone understand it already?

Patrick Mahomes could reach the MLB

On the other hand, the former Yankees captain asked the current Chiefs captain about what he hoped to do when he was a child of 4 or 5 years old, to which Mahomes did not hesitate to affirm: “I wanted to be a baseball player. “One thousand percent.”

A few years later he had the opportunity to fulfill that dream when he was selected by the Detroit Tigers in the 37th round of the 2014 Draft, then as a pitcher. However, the quarterback decided to fulfill his commitment to Texas Tech and this led him to dedicate himself fully to American football.

“Even going to college, he told me: ‘They’re going to draft me and I’m going to play baseball,’” Mahomes added while affirming that he was happy with the decision he made. “It’s really great to be here now, because I never would have expected it.”

Although the Tigers saw Patrick as a talented pitcher like his father Pat Mahomes, the young man was clear that he wanted another position on the field. “He wanted to be a shortstop,” he admitted.

And part of the success that the two-time Super Bowl winner and two-time NFL MVP has today has to do with the physical and mental agility he acquired playing as a shortstop in college, and that is reflected in the spectacular plays he makes.

Precisely several of those plays were seen on the giant screen at Arrowhead and Mahomes did not hesitate to acknowledge that he inspired Jeter to achieve some of those plays, to which the five-time World Series champion took the opportunity to play a joke on him.

“Oh, here we go (…) These are the shots I’m imitating when I’m on the football field, brother,” said the NFL star.

While the Baseball Hall of Famer responded: “See, there we have it, the reason for all your success as a quarterback is because you watched old movies of mine.”

Meanwhile, both proved to coincide in their ambition to achieve success in their respective careers. “Once you win the Super Bowl – like once you win the World Series – anything other than that is not a success,” Patrick Mahomes said.

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