Kiszla: The Broncos have no quarterback, no draft capital, no salary-cap flexibility and no real hope

LAS VEGAS — The Broncos have no quarterback, no draft capital and no salary-cap flexibility.

No playoff berth for the eighth NFL season in a row might be the least of this no-hoper-of-a-team’s worries.

After not only losing but getting bullied in a 27-14 manhandling by the hated Raiders, Denver coach Sean Payton tried to scrawl a smiley face on this mess.

“Disappointed,” Payton said Sunday. “Not discouraged.”

Say what? Perhaps we should add another, more appropriate word to describe the Broncos:

Delusional. With a capital “D.”

Payton was hired to fix a broken quarterback too expensive to fail but has made the Broncos a bigger mess than the moment he was hired 338 days ago.

So maybe forking over an $18 million salary for a football coach doesn’t buy as much as it once did. The investment in Payton, however, is chump change compared to what really hinders Denver going forward.

The only real action Russell Wilson got all afternoon was when a veteran quarterback with a clean uniform texted furiously at his locker following the eighth loss in a row to the Raiders. Even if the Broncos cut him, they will pay Wilson in excess of $120 million over the next two years merely to go away.

With a final record of 8-9, are these Delusional Broncos a more competently coached team than the cluster that Payton inherited from Nathaniel Hackett?

No doubt.

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