Celebrating 2024 with a bonfire at Indian Ladder Farm

ALTAMONT, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Sunday, Indian Ladder Farm hosted its New Year’s Eve Bonfire with the community. Dietrich Gehring, Owner of Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery, said it originally started as something just for the farm staff and has now become an annual tradition.

“We started five years ago as just kind of a fun way for brewery staff to get rid of their trees and stand around on New Year’s outside,” he said. “And..well, some of our customers caught wind of it, and we thought, well, let’s invite the public.”

This was also the first year the farm decided to celebrate New Year’s with a Noon Countdown for kids, but they had no idea how popular the event was going to be.

“Unfortunately, it was more popular than we thought, and it sold out this year,” Gehring said. “But next year, it will be bigger and better.”

And that’s because the tickets were sold out within just thirty minutes. But with 2023 coming to a close, everyone at the farm is looking forward to the new year…with new goals.

“We’re doing kind of a reset here,” Gehring said. “We’re redoing our kitchen so we can open strong. Last year, Maplefest was a huge event for us. It was two days, and we had no idea that it was going to be that big…”

And plans are already in the works to prepare for the larger turnouts. In the meantime, the farm will be closed in January and February, and plans are to re-open the first week of March, followed by Maplefest 2024.

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