“Don’t Think It Looks Good”: Tamim Iqbal On Litton Das’ Call To Bring Back Ish Sodhi | Cricket News

The New Zealand vs Bangladesh contest saw some epic scenes unfold in the second ODI after Ish Sodhi was run out at the non-striker’s end. It was Bangladesh bowler Hasan Mahmud who decided to dismiss the Kiwi player, although the decision was reversed after Bangladesh skipper Litton Das decided to recall the player. While many fans applaud Das for his gesture, the decision wasn’t fully accepted even within the Bangladesh team. The side’s senior batter Tamim Iqbal, in fact, said that he didn’t find anything wrong with the non-striker dismissal that was inflicted by Hasan Mahmud.

“I don’t see anything wrong in it,” Tamim said after the match which ended in New Zealand’s favour. “The rule is there. If we get someone out, or one of us gets out in that manner, I don’t think we should react the way people are reacting nowadays.

Non-striker dismissal has often triggered debates in the cricketing spectrum. Tamim, however, feels it’s the team’s call whether they want to get a batter out in that manner or not.

“I think it is a team decision. We will definitely talk about it after today’s incident. If it is a team decision that we will take wickets in this way, we will. If we don’t want to take it, we will not try it. I don’t think it looks good to bring back a batter after getting him out. Either we take it, or we don’t do it.”

Delving on the topic further, the veteran opening batter said that Bangladesh were right to dismiss Sodhi in the manner. In fact, it was the Kiwi star’s reaction that left Iqbal surprised.

“I think he [Sodhi] also shouldn’t have done that [left the crease early], he shouldn’t be surprised too. Whether we take it or not, it is the team’s call. I was surprised by his reaction. It is now part of cricket.

“There’s no need for a warning here. It is like a bowled out. Maybe the captain felt that we wouldn’t take that wicket. So he called him [Sodhi] back. There’s no right and wrong. Either you do it, or you don’t do it. Nothing wrong with either. I think we should discuss as a team if we want to do it or not. Going forward, I think you will see a lot of teams taking advantage of this,” he asserted.

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