F1: Charles Leclerc expects Ferrari’s SF-24 to be a ‘step forward in several areas’

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, expressed optimism during the unveiling of Ferrari’s new livery for the 2024 season, the SF-24.

This latest model is anticipated to offer enhanced drivability and provide a solid platform for development across what is set to be the most extended Formula One season to date.

Ferrari, a name synonymous with success in Formula One and the only team to have participated in every championship since the inception of the sport in 1950, experienced a dip in performance the previous year, finishing third behind the dominant forces of Mercedes and Red Bull.

Leclerc shared his thoughts on the SF-24, which Ferrari claim to be a departure from the designs of the past two years. He highlighted that the new car is expected to be more forgiving and user-friendly compared to its predecessor, which proved to be a challenge and fell short of expectations last season.

“I expect the car to be a step forward in several areas and from the impression I formed in the simulator, I think we’re where we want to be,” he added after an online reveal and physical launch at the Fiorano test track.

“This season the aim is to be front-runners all the time and I want to give our fans plenty to cheer about.”

Cannot wait to drive it: Carlos Sainz on SF-24\

Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz, who has confirmed his departure from Ferrari at the end of the 2024 season with Lewis Hamilton set to join the team in 2025, remains committed to giving his best in the upcoming season.

The Spaniard said that he was looking forward to driving the car in the new season.

“I have seen a completely different look, both on the shapes but also on the design and it excites me. I just cannot wait to drive it,” said Sainz.

The car is the first one which has been fully conceived under team boss Fred Vaseur, who wants the team to continue the momentum they gained towards end of the campaign last season.

“We have also to be focused on the weaknesses of 2023 and to be much more opportunistic in terms of points scored and we will be focused on this,” said Vaseur.

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Feb 13, 2024

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