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The film industry has evolved significantly over the decades, and with those changes come new practices and roles that spark both interest and controversy. One of these roles is that of the intimacy coordinator, a figure specialized in choreographing and supervising scenes of simulated sex, nudity and intimate moments in films and television shows. However, legendary British actor Michael Caine has expressed skepticism about the need for these coordinators in a recent interview with the Daily Mail (via Variety).

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What were your statements?

A regular in Christopher Nolan’s films, with his characteristic directness, Caine asked: “Really? Really? What are they? We never had that in my time.” At 88 years old, the Oscar winner is known for his direct and sincere style. “Thank God I’m 90 years old and I don’t play lovers anymore, that’s all I can say,” he added with a hint of humor.

Caine’s words resonate with the sense that the film industry has undergone a significant shift in the way it approaches scenes of intimacy. Before, as the actor mentioned, these scenes were handled differently, without the presence of intimacy coordinators. The actors simply performed the scenes and moved on without the intervention of experts.

Michael Caine in Batman: The Dark Knight (2005), Warner Bros. Pictures.
Michael Caine in Batman: The Dark Knight (2005), Warner Bros. Pictures.

The role of the intimacy coordinator in the film industry is relatively new, but has gained recognition in recent years thanks to the #MeToo movement and increased awareness about actors’ well-being during intimate scenes. These professionals work closely with the actors and production team to ensure that scenes are safe, respectful, and fit the artistic needs of the film.

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It’s boring.

Caine also took the opportunity to share his opinion on political correctness today. For him, it is a time of censorship, where it is impossible to say “honey” to someone. The actor has been known for his candid and forthright personality throughout his career, and his perception that politically correct restrictions limit freedom of expression is shared by others in the entertainment industry.

In an industry in constant evolution, the perspective of the interpreter of films like Batman: The Dark Knight – Michael Caine is against intimacy coordinators94% or Interstellar – Michael Caine is against intimacy coordinators71%, offers a unique insight into how times have changed. His long career spans decades of filmmaking and has witnessed transformations in both acting practices and industry culture. Despite his skepticism about certain aspects of the current industry, Caine remains a respected and beloved figure in the world of film.

Although the actor has officially retired from acting and has announced that his next film, The Great Escaper, could be his last, his legacy will endure in the history of cinema. The film, in which he plays World War II veteran Bernard “Bernie” Jordan, is based on the incredible true story of Jordan, who ran away from his nursing home to attend commemorations of the 70th anniversary of World War II. D in France in 2014.

Caine was enthusiastic about his role in The Great Escaper and highlighted how well written the character of Bernie was. Despite his retirement from acting, the actor was drawn to this role and greatly enjoyed playing it. The film will be released in the United Kingdom on October 6, and although Caine may have left his big screen career behind, his impact on cinema will live on in the memories of fans and in the history of the seventh art.

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Ultimately, the words of the Un Golpe con Estilo actor – 48% on intimacy coordinators and political correctness in the film industry remind us that each generation of actors and filmmakers faces their own set of challenges and ever-evolving changes. Caine’s reflection is a reminder that, despite these changes, his legacy as one of cinema’s great actors will endure and continue to inspire future generations of artists. As he himself said, “I like to learn from friends who are younger than me,” an attitude that reflects his commitment to the art and his passion for film over the years.

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