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Is the end of the strikes near? The world of entertainment is constantly abuzz, and in the midst of labor negotiations and strikes, unions play a crucial role in defending the rights of workers in the industry. On this occasion, the Screen and Television Actors Guild of America (SAG-AFTRA) congratulated the Screenwriters Alliance of America (WGA) for reaching a tentative agreement with the Motion Picture Producers Alliance and Television of America (AMPTP) after 146 days of strike.

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What does the statement say?

However, as they celebrated this achievement, SAG-AFTRA made it clear that their fight still continues and called on the AMPTP to return to the negotiating table with the actors to reach a fair agreement. In a statement issued Sunday night, SAG-AFTRA expressed its appreciation to the WGA for its incredible strength, resilience and solidarity during the strike. The union said that while they hope to review the tentative agreement between the WGA and AMPTP, they remain committed to obtaining the necessary terms for their members.

“Since the day the WGA strike began, SAG-AFTRA members have stood alongside writers on the picket lines,” the statement noted. This gesture of solidarity highlights the importance of unity among unions in the entertainment industry as they face challenges and fight for fair working conditions.

William Zabka in Cobra Kai (2018-), Netflix.
William Zabka in Cobra Kai (2018-), Netflix.

When did it start?

The SAG-AFTRA strike was declared on July 14, two weeks after its contract expired on June 30. The overwhelming approval (98%) of the strike authorization vote on June 5 demonstrated the determination of union members to protect their labor rights.

Negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP collapsed on July 13, marking a major milestone in the history of actors’ unions in the film and television industry. Despite efforts by both sides to reach an agreement, the talks failed to resolve key differences.

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Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, national executive director and chief negotiator for SAG-AFTRA, has been eager to get back to the negotiating table with AMPTP. The union has made it clear that they are willing to continue negotiating and that they look forward to the AMPTP returning to the table to reach an agreement that meets the needs and demands of SAG-AFTRA members.

The current situation in the entertainment industry underlines the importance of collective bargaining and solidarity between unions. As talks continue and unions fight to protect the labor rights of workers in the industry, it remains to be seen how events will unfold and whether an agreement will be reached that benefits all involved.

The SAG-AFTRA strike represents a powerful voice in the fight for fair working conditions in Hollywood, and its call to the AMPTP is a reminder that collective bargaining and solidarity are fundamental to maintaining the integrity and rights of workers in the entertainment industry.

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So far the strikes have paralyzed a large number of productions and delayed the release of others, including Dune: Part Two, Cobra Kai – SAG-AFTRA supports the WGA agreement and calls on the AMPTP to return to the negotiating table with the actors85%, Stranger Things – SAG-AFTRA supports the WGA agreement and calls on the AMPTP to return to the negotiating table with the actors98%, The Mandalorian – SAG-AFTRA supports the WGA agreement and calls on the AMPTP to return to the negotiating table with the actors80%, among others. We will see if this represents the beginning of the end of the strikes.

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