Winter sports finally have some inches of snow

SCHENECTADY & PORTER CORNERS, N.Y. (NEWS10) -The lack of a snowy start to winter caused difficulties for seasonal sports lovers. After the first winter storm of the season, skiers hit the slopes while snowmobilers wait just a while longer.

Maple Ski Ridge in Schenectady took advantage of a fresh-fallen seven inches of snow. “I love skiing so much! It’s really fun,” exclaimed Braelah Vesely.

Around 1,000 people hit the slopes. Maple Ridge saw their busiest day yet with a big boost to business. 

“We certainly have not had a great snowfall like this yet this season. This is a game changer. It fills in all the spaces and now we have a base to work with,” stated Marketing Director and Ski Instructor, Kirsten Ford.

Despite a warm and rain-filled December, the lack of snow did not stop the ski resort from opening. They created man-made snow to fill the slopes and stay open. 

“We certainly had foresight. The seasons have been warmer the last few seasons. Because of that, we knew we would have to do something,” described General Manager and Part-owner, Marilyn Peterson.

On the other hand, The Saratoga Snowmobile Association has almost endless miles of trails that need more snow to be ready. The season usually starts in the middle of December.

“Going from nothing to this with six or eight inches is good. But, we need to pack it in and wait for some frozen ground,” explained President, Chaz Albertson.

Albertson hopes to only wait a couple more weeks for ideal conditions. The association has three snow groomers ready to compact the snow and create trails when the time is right. 

“Everyone from around New York State is welcome to ride our trails. So, we’ll probably have a few thousand of snowmobile enthusiasts from around the state, around the area, coming to enjoy our trails once they’re open.”

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