WPD: Missing juvenile found using thermal drone tech

WATERVLIET, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A missing juvenile was found with the help of thermal drone technology near the Hudson River. Police say the juvenile had called into a ditch in the woods along the Hudson River, and using thermal drone technology were able to pinpoint his location.

Patrol units responded to reports of a missing juvenile. After thorough searches throughout Watervliet, the search originally yielded no results. Police say a cell phone ping led officers towards Hudson Shores Park.

According to Watervliet Police, they were able to contact the missing child via phone, who said he was unsure where he exactly was. Police deployed a thermal drone after the child said he fell into a ditch in the woods near the Hudson River.

The drone was able to pinpoint the juvenile’s location, and the child was safely located. he was evaluated and is expected to be okay.

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